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At True North Ministry, we believe Jesus Christ is the key to recognizing the value of ALL peoples, achieving justice and that Jesus is the ONLY perfectly just person who has ever lived. We know this because from the words of Jesus, all have been made in His image and with that, the barrier of the dividing wall that separates races, classes of people and sexes has been abolished. Through the cross, all people groups are made ONE in His church. We believe God loves everyone, as He said, “God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him may have eternal life.” We believe the solution to achieving reconciliation and justice for all people groups is for individuals to come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ – by being born again to a living hope, a hope which is un-perishable and will not fade away and is reserved in heaven.

We believe True North Ministry is a part of that solution. Since our founding, in 2002, we have offered without any bias the saving hope of Jesus, and we are actively engaged in building disciples of Christ. We will continue to strategically invest in the lives of young people, building a foundation of faith, hope and living skills as we strive to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations.


     This year, we are grateful for the opportunity to minister to at-risk youth through
Accelerate and the Indian River programs.  Despite challenges to providing in-person
ministry and a pause at Indian River, we remain committed to seeking ways to share the
love of God with the youth of Summit and Stark counties.  Glory to God for His Son, the
Lord Jesus Christ, and the message of hope, peace, and salvation He offers to all and
gives us a role in sharing!

     To our volunteers, donors and staff, thank you for your lives, your talents, and your
treasures.  Almost all of our serving is done on a volunteer basis.  We appreciate the
sacrifices and “cheerful giver” approach you have taken to make a difference in the
lives of so many.

     Recently, Duncan Othen, True North’s Executive Director, a 20+ year volunteer who led
our juvenile detention ministry efforts and so much more, announced his retirement.
We want to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Duncan and wish him well as he spends more
time on writing and other pursuits.   His Christlike qualities of joyful giving, humility, love,
perseverance, and sacrifice challenge us all to renew our commitment to continue
serving in the year ahead.

     While serving opportunities, staff and people have changed over the years, the mission
of sharing the saving hope of Jesus and investing in the lives of young people has not.
We continue to need your help and are truly thankful for your willingness to pray,
volunteer, and give.

     Between now and January 31 we are, with God’s help, seeking to raise $10,000 to
support ministry activities in the year ahead.  Please pray and ask how you can play a
part in this giving opportunity, knowing that Christmas reminds us that God’s gift to us
opens our hearts to the needs of others.  From all of us, thanks for your part in helping us
reach the youth of Summit and Stark Counties.

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True North Ministry is Moving!!

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