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A New True North Ministry Community Based Initiative

What is it? A new inner-city Akron after school program designed to encourage the growth of junior- and high school aged young people in the four basic areas1 of wisdom (scholastic), stature (physical fitness), favor with God (through exploratory devotions led by True North Staff and volunteers) and favor with men – social skills character based programs, plus inspirational talks from leaders in the community.

Who is it for? High school aged youth who want to grow in the four basic areas and who have obtained a permission slip from their parents.

Where will it be held? Patterson Park Community Center. (future locations to be announced).

What are the times
and when will it begin? From 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm on every Tuesday and Thursday beginning on Tuesday, February 9th.

Will food be provided? Yes, through the generous donations of various partners in the community.

What is the cost? Offered free of charge!

What will be the activities? Homework assistance: 3-45 pm
Grab and go mealtime and devotional readings: 3:45-4:15
Physical fitness and game times: 4:15 till closing

Who will monitor and
oversee the program? Pre-screened and trained adult volunteers from True North Ministries who can assist with homework topics, assisted by City employees of the Patterson Community Center.

What about safety and
Social distancing? The program will abide by the rules of the City of Akron. Masks, social distancing rules and maximum room occupancy rules will be followed at all times by volunteers and students.

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Kids on a playground

Download Accelerate Permission slip here. It MUST be signed by a parent or guardian.